March Against Malaria

Walk together to raise funds to Finish the Fight against Malaria

This page is for Rotary clubs and contains the registration form for the March Against Malaria Event

If your club is looking for something exciting to take part in that raises money for a good cause, then look no further than our March Against Malaria (MAM)! Ideally, the March Against Malaria should happen in March prior to or on World Malaria Day in April, or before the Rotary year-end, but it can happen in any month you wish. You have the chance to join your fellow Rotarians and local communities in walking to raise awareness for Malaria elimination.

How can I take part?

March Against Malaria is an inclusive event everyone can take part in from young families to the older generation. Even take the dog(s)! It can be done outdoors or virtually.

1. For an outdoor event, challenge your fundraisers to walk a target number of kilometres and get sponsorship and donations.

2. An organised event could be at a public park, playing field or on walking tracks. Pick a location that is suitable for multiple age groups and families, as it is a chance to highlight Rotary to the broader public.

3. Walkers could do a virtual march on a treadmill exercise machine, either in the gym or at home, and cover the equivalent distance to a capital city or another target.

4. It may be possible to set up treadmill machines at shopping centres where you could see how far people can walk in one or two minutes.

5. Local firms might also be able to get involved in their workplace.

I'm interested! What do I need to do?

1. Speak to your Club President and try to co-ordinate your event with other clubs. A copy of a PowerPoint/PDF presentation is available to deliver more information to your club members.

2. Download the Guidance Pack along with the poster. The Guidance Pack will explain all you need to know about setting up your event in detail and contains details about the risk assessment and insurance requirements.

3. Register your event once you have the details sorted out. Use the form below to submit details of your event. This allows the MAM team to possibly publish your event on a map for the public to find. Your event will not appear immediately; the MAM team needs to check it first and make sure details are correct.


    Registration Form Submit your events here

    Fields marked with an * are required

    The following contact information is for the March Against Malaria (MAM) team in case we need to ask you about your event.

    (The name of your walk must include your Rotary name e.g. Dandenong Rotary MAM)

    (Most events will take place across the month of March.)

    Please state when the event starts.

    (Please put in the address of your event, including the postcode. Please indicate if this is an actual event or virtual e.g. walkers can use a static treadmill at home / gym or accumulate miles by choosing their own route.)

    (If a virtual March, please enter virtual.)

    (Tell your participants what they can look forward to. Will there be refreshments, parking? Add anything you think is relevant.)

    (E.g. Website link, Facebook page etc. This information may be publicly visible on the MAM website to allow members of the public to make enquiries.)

    (N.B. This information may be publicly visible on the Rotary MAM website to allow members of the public to make inquiries.)

    RAWCS Governance Policies – for your own, and others safety, you must ensure you have read, and are aware of, the Policy and Operational documents at RAWCS Key Documents , e.g. Privacy, Health and Safety, Youth Protection etc.

    (Please tick this box to confirm that you have read and understood the privacy policy below.)

    Privacy Policy

    The details you provide will be used by Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) to deliver information to the public regarding the date, time, location of your event and your club's name.

    Please be aware that a name and email address are required to be publicly visible on the MAM webpage for the public to use in case of any queries. This will be clearly indicated on the form. By completing this form, you are giving consent for the information to be used in this way.
    Your personal information will be destroyed by twelve months after the event.

    Making a donation

    Your magnificent marchers can make their donations to
    Finish the Fight through this link.

    Click Here


    If you have any questions, please email March Against Malaria – The co-ordinators, Tony Spring or Keith Hopkins, will get back to you.