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Are you an action-oriented individual or organisation? With your support, we can Finish the Fight against malaria in the Western Pacific Rim region. Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) are committed to working with partners to see malaria eliminated for good.



Finish The Fight

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Calling on all People of Action to join us in our fight against malaria. COVID-19 disruptions negatively impacted previously hard won gains, with malaria cases up 19% and deaths up 23% in the Western Pacific Region. New estimates indicate a child is dying almost every minute now, and testing has fallen by 4%. More than ever, as individuals to large organisations, your active involvement is important. Your donations directly save lives and help communities thrive through funding malaria prevention including increased numbers of community health workers, protection and treatment measures. We need to get our malaria elmination goal back on track, and help the children, pregnant women and the elderly most at risk. Together, and with our partners, we can eliminate the disease in the Western Pacific Rim Region entirely, saving lives and helping communities thrive.

How You Can Get Involved

Whether it's through a strategic partership or giving, you have the ability to help Finish the Fight. Our collaborative approach will ensure you're able to contribute in a way that best suits your goals, resources and values.

Strategic Partnerships

We work closely with our partners to create mutually-beneficial and long lasting relationships. Our collaborative approach takes your core-mission into account and offers you high-level involvement in designing a customised programme. Together we can design appropriate partner initiatives, some examples are on-ground team volunteering, aligning geographic or directing resource investments, through to RAM showcasing the impact your involvement is having at key company events.

Giving Programme

For those looking to a more specific, giving-based commitment, we offer many ways to strategically direct your investment. This could be a programme focused purely on helping procure more quality WHO prequalified LLINs, RDTs and antimalarials, longer term multi-year contributions focusing on a specific village or area of interest, or staff fundraising programmes including salary-sacrificing as an example.

What You Can Expect.

As a key donor or strategic partner our committment is to help you be involved and make a meanginful impact.

Curated Programme

Working with you to wrap core initatives with bespoke, tailored programmes aligned to your values and goals

Committed Partnership

Multple points of integration to ensure your involvement will become a transformational social impact partnership

Measurable Impact

Clear demonstration of the impact your involvement has through the supply of Global Fund validated and ongoing data

Nurtured Relationship

You will have a dedicated senior contact from RAM to ensure you have the relevant access you need

The Role of the Global Fund

In donating to Finish The Fight, with the exception of 2.5% administration fee taken by Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS), all contributions go directly to the Global Fund, a worldwide movement to defeat HIV, TB and malaria.

The Global Fund uses 100% of this money – with no overhead taken out – to fund and support malaria prevention programmes run by local experts in the Western Pacific Rim region of Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

These programmes help each of the countries to fight malaria effectively and move closer towards their individual malaria elimination goals and WHO Malaria WHO Malaria Free certification.

The result is to save lives and increase overall economic productivity by stopping the vicious cycle of poverty that malaria perpetuates – reducing maternal mortality, neonatal and child deaths, school absenteeism and the burden of treatment costs.

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Your support for Finish the Fight will be directed to support key, country-based projects aim to eliminate malaria and move them towards WHO malaria-free certification.

Join the Fight by Donating Now

Donate Now (USD)

All USD donations are channelled through our USD Partner the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation (IPCF). All donations receive a tax invoice from the IPCF.

Donate Now (Other Currency)

All other currency donations are channelled through the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS).

Key Donation

An admin fee of 5% is taken from each donation. Of the remaining 95% the Global Fund uses 100% of this money – with no overhead taken out – to fund community health workers and support the malaria prevention programmes in the Western Pacific Rim region of Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

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