Let’s Make My Birthday Magic.

Skip the Gifts, Let’s save the World from Malaria!

$1,390 donations

417 lives impacted

Listen up, beautiful friends! It's my birthday month, and every year, regardless of the number of candles on the cake, it's a reason to celebrate reaching another year. The past three years have been an incredible recovery journey for me after that nasty near-death bout with Cerebral Malaria. You know that I am on a mission to impact a billion lives by 2025, and this year, I would love your help. You see, dealing with Malaria was a wild rollercoaster ride of pain, isolation, and rehabilitation. It taught me the immense value of life, the importance of every moment, and the resilience of the human spirit. However, it also opened my eyes to the countless others still fighting this relentless little bug.

Malaria is not just a global problem; it's personal. A child dies from malaria every minute, and as a mother, that statistic is unbelievable. Malaria is a ninja. It kills silently and quickly. It steals dreams and breaks hearts. It's wreaking havoc in communities where resources are as scarce as hen's teeth. However, we have the power to change that story, my friends.

The thing is, eradicating malaria is easier than you'd imagine. We can do something about it. There are low-cost solutions for preventing malaria, such as treated nets for sleeping under, which reduce the rates of contracting malaria by 50%, and having more community workers to assist and educate rural communities about this deadly parasite, as well as vaccinations.

Let's make my birthday magical with a whirlwind of giving and make malaria history. Your donation, big or small, will provide vital resources for prevention, treatment, and research, such as mosquito nets and support for community health workers. To give you an idea of the impact of your donations, 10 mosquito nets (LLIN's) that can protect 10 families for 3 years cost only $120, or funding for one community health worker for a year costs only $300.

Together, we'll create a wave of hope, joy, and a brighter future, giving people in malaria-prone regions a fighting chance at a future.

Thanks for being the superheroes of my birthday bash. Your donations will rock the world of those battling malaria and shine a light on the path to finishing the fight against malaria.

Let's save lives! Let's donate to the fight against malaria and show this disease who's boss. High fives and gratitude all around.

Scented Candle

Instead of buying a scented candle, donate $10 to help buy an insecticide-treated mosquito net. This net can protect a child from Malaria for up to 3 years.


Instead of buying a lipstick, donate $50 to help buy 5 mosquito nets. These nets can protect 5 families from Malaria for up to 3 years.


Instead of buying a perfume, donate $100 to buy 10 mosquito nets. These nets can protect 10 families from Malaria for up to 3 years.


Instead of buying flowers, donate $150 to help buy 15 mosquito nets. These nets can protect 15 families from Malaria for up to 3 years.

Spa Treatment

Instead of getting a spa treatment, donate $200 to help buy 20 mosquito nets. These nets can protect 20 families from Malaria for up to 3 years.


Instead of buying sunglasses, donate $300 to help fund a community health worker for a year. This worker will educate families about Malaria prevention and treatment.


Instead of buying shoes, donate $500 to fund 1 community health worker and provide 20 mosquito nets. These workers will reach even more families with malaria prevention and treatment information.


Instead of buying a handbag, donate $1000 to fund 3 community health workers and provide 10 mosquito nets.

Donate as you wish

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