Rotary March Against Malaria

Walk together to raise funds to Finish the Fight against Malaria

When Rotarians come together things get done. If your club is looking for something exciting to take part in that raises money for a good cause, then look no further than our Rotary March Against Malaria (MAM)! By organizing a Rotary March Against Malaria event in your Rotary Club across the month of March 2024, your actions can help support the work of Rotarians Against Malaria by increasing awareness of, and contribute to the elimination of, Malaria.

Besides contributing towards Malaria elimination, organizing a Rotary March Against Malaria event is also a great way to introduce your community to Rotary if they have not already met you. From experience, we know such an event can attract new, active Rotarians.

What’s the purpose of the March?

In summary, the purposes of the Rotary March Against Malaria are

-Have an event, which could develop into something very large to attract the national media and be newsworthy!

-Be attractive to local families.

-Raise awareness of Malaria, and how important the goal of achieving Malaria elimination

-Raise funds for RAM - Finish the Fight and the Global Fund, for their Malaria elimination programs with local communities in the Western Pacific Rim of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste.

-Raise the profile of Rotary as an organization that can organize events, raise funds and be the catalyst to get things going, (what we do best!)

-To attract new, active Rotarians who want to get involved in an organization that actively supports causes.

The 2024 Guidance Pack

We are still preparing a full set of promotional and support material to help and guide you in the organization of the Rotary March Against Malaria event, which all be available in late 2023. The Rotary March Against Malaria Guidance Pack 2024 will include information such as:

- How to organize your Rotary March Against Malaria

- Registration Process

- Promotional resources (Posters, etc.)

- Fundraising and how to donate

- Sponsorship ideas

- On the day

- Four stages of planning

- Insurance and risk assessment form

If you are interested in receiving more information when it is ready, simply put your name and email in the form below:

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